Lazy-Photon Photography

lens_2_by_red_camera whiteMark printed his first black and white photograph at the age of ten. In his father’s darkroom with a negative from a plastic Diana camera (very trendy now). As the image appeared in the developer, under the red safe light, he was hooked! Photo-graphy; drawing with light. Exactly what is says on the tin! In the 1970s he was taught technical photography as part of his physics degree. It was how science was recorded in those pre-digital days. Subsequent to working in the photo-finishing industry in the 1970s, his career took took him into the world of digital electronics and after some experiments with home computing, a video camera and colour dot matrix printer, he bought his first digital camera in 1995. This time the image appeared instantly!

Lazy-Photon Photography was established by Mark in 2005, initially to sell high quality photographic prints; both digital and wet process. The business quickly expanded into training, art reproduction a wedding service and more recently, video services.

Art Reproduction

Lazy-Photon provides high resolution, colour accurate image copying for artists and galleries including Cupola Contemporary Art‘s prints on demand.

Photo Training

Untitled4Photo training is offered on a one-to-one or group basis. The Art of Digital Photography is an 8 week course to help students get the creative best out of their digital camera and/or phone camera. A blend of camera techniques and photographic styles, during the 8 weeks, it looks at camera control, flash and lighting equipment, explores software, apps, sharing, social media and printing as well as looking at some famous photographers and photographic styles.

Painting with Light

Test-291-2aLazy-Photon Photography developed the Institute of Physics (IOP) painting with light outreach demonstration. Here, members of the public are able to draw using a light pen in front of a camera with a shutter exposure time of 10s of seconds. The resulting image is then automatically Tweeted so that people can see the result: IOP Painting with Light on Twitter.

The system uses a Nikon digital camera, tethered to a computer running Adobe Lightroom with a 3rd party plug-in which Tweets after photographs they are exported.

The Dan McKenzie Interviews

Dan McKenzie is a physicist and was the first person to publish a paper on the theory of tectonic plates in 1967. To celebrate the 50th anniversary, the Geological Society commissioned a web site and Lazy-Photon got the oppertunity to photograph Dan and record a series of video interviews. Photos were published in the Society’s magazine and the videos are available on YouTube: Dan McKenzie Interviews.